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Comparison between Hypnosis,
Prayer and Magick

Create What You Desire with Intention
using Hypnosis, Prayer or Magick

Regardless of the method used to create a change, the following are pre-requisites for any changework:


    A lot of times people have an idea of what they don't want to experience, but they have no clear idea of what they do want instead.It's important that you know what do you want.How will your life change when you get what you want?What will you see, hear, feel, etc. when you have the desired change?What will you experience that you are not experiencing now?What will you lose as a result of this change?Will you lose anything you wouldn't want to lose when you get this change?

    It's useful to be aware of a difference between a "form" and an "essence"."Essence" relates to the feeling you'll have when you get what you're after, "form" relates to the particular person, object, circumstance you're after.

    Sometimes people chase a specific "form" (object, person, circumstance) believing that it will give them the feeling they are after, only to discover after they've got the thing they're after that they didn't get the desired feeling (the essence).


    It is important that this desire is genuine.Many times people would visit a hypnotherapist or a spiritual/esoteric practitioner in hopes that this one will perform some kind of magic and make the person change in an instant.This may work with some things, but a lot of changes, especially those relating to one's personal growth require motivation, dedication, perseverance and application of new learnings.

    And a change brings new learnings and adjustments, a change in one's comfort zone as life becomes slightly different.

    The following may sound "uncivilized" in modern world, yet I'm beginning to appreciate the idea that a lot of magical powders and potions contained hard-to-get ingredients.Just imagine if your therapist sent you to get some "graveyard dust" from a graveyard that's 500 miles away and you'd have to be at that graveyard at 2 a.m. all by yourself.Would you still want to go ahead with your changework?

    Some of my friends who went to ashrams inIndia were sent to pick some ingredients for breakfast very early in the morning while it's still dark outside, and the ingredients were in the field where they could stumble upon poisonous snakes - test of faith and devotion in exchange for learning.

    Many initiation ceremonies consist of similar acts - acts that both test the sincerity of the individual desiring a change (initiation) and allowing for the more successful imprint of the change because the person's bio-survival mechanism gets activated.

    It's basically a waste of time (and of money - if you're paying for the changework) to attempt a change you don't genuinely desire.

    Again, some people genuinely want the change provided that they don't have to do anything about it.I get e-mails from people who want me to "make them" change so that they can "go out and help other helpless souls".They have completely missed the point.They see themselves as victims of the circumstances and they see 90% of others as victims, too.

    The secret ofempowerment lies in taking responsibility.No one needs to take responsibility for another person who is fully capable of taking care of himself, but is unwilling to do so.One can teach another (provided the other genuinely desires to learn and to change), help another to get stronger, to develop skills and abilities, and to become independent.Encouraging dependence doesn't serve anyone.

    The essence of responsibility is in seeing yourself as a "cause" of everything that you experience in your world.You may or may not be able to change someone else, but what you can always change is yourself, your perception of the world, your attitude and your actions. And that is enough to make you very powerful, because your experience of your world will change accordingly.


    To begin with, you must believe that the change you desire is possible, not only in general for other people, but for you specifically.If you can use your mind, than you can change, because all change begins in the mind.

    If you want to go on looking for proofs, then you'll find enough proofs to match any belief system you can think of.If according to your own belief system the change you desire is not possible, than you should either be willing to re-examine and change your belief system or give up the change.Attempting the change, while you hold onto the belief that it is not possible for you, is a waste of time - you're simply not ready for it.

    Hoping for a change to happen and wishing for it to happen will get you nowhere.Both hoping and wishing keep the change as some distant luke-warm possibility and often contain a good dose of doubt and uncertainty.As a matter of fact, they contain a great deal of "faith" that the desired change will not occur, and so, they prevent the change.

    Even though "blind" faith will work, understanding of the principles that make the change possible will produce even better and faster results.Having a personal experience that proves to you that these principles are working for you all the time, that you have been using them all along, whether unconsciously of consciously, will bring a realization, and a sense of knowingness, a sense of certainty.The great value of this is that you will have no doubt, and you'll be able to trust the process.

    In esoteric circles, before ritual changework is to begin, a guardian stands at the entrance to the circle and asks "How do you enter?" , and the one entering responds "With perfect love and perfect trust".And this, indeed, is the requirement for a successful changework.


    All changework requires some action, followed by expectation of the results.For those with highly-trained minds, a simple "thought of intent" is all that is required.For those with untrained minds, hours, days and months of mental, emotional and/or physical action may be required.

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Comparison Chart
between hypnosis, prayer and magick



Esoteric Traditions

Clearing any objections, misconceptions or fear

Preparing mind and body usually through some form of purification (may also involve gathering some "tools": candles, incense, oils, etc.)

Preparing mind, body and space through "cleansing" , (may involve putting on a robe) and gathering the "tools" (candles, incense, oils, athame, etc.)

Entering the altered state through hypnotic induction, (often involving relaxation) and deepening of trance

Entering the state of oneness, connecting with Higher Power

Casting a circle, Entering the state of oneness, connecting with Higher Power, and summoning the elements (earth, fire, air, water)

Changework through director indirect suggestions / metaphors

Raising the energy through build-up of emotions (love);stating one's desire

Raising the energy, building a thoughtform, charging it with desire

Having subconscious / unconscious take over the fulfillment of desired change

Acknowledging desire as already fulfilled

Releasing the thoughtform to do one's bidding

Thanking the Higher Power for the fulfillment of desire

Thanking the Higher Power for the fulfillment of desire

Dismissing the elements, closing the circle

In Esoteric practices (and sometimes in prayer) the tools used are tangible metaphors communicating to the subconscious both the act and elements used in the process of creation, as well as the symbolic imagery associated with the fulfillment of the desire / changework.

Specially for people with untrained minds, these tangible metaphors are powerful training tools, because most of us grew up in the world that taught us that only what you can touch, see, smell is "real".Soon, though, one can discover that he doesn't need any external tools any longer and that it is so easy to create changes with mind alone.

For people who yet need to develop the powers of concentration and visualization, being involved in ritual activity, handling physical objects, helps to maintain focus.

The power of "spells" lies in it that they "rhyme" and because of it are easily accepted by the subconscious mind.

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