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Body As A River

If you could see your body as it really is, you would never see it the same way twice. Ninety-eight percent of the atoms in your body were not there a year ago. The skeleton that seems so solid was not there three months ago. The configuration of the bone cells remains somewhat constant, but atoms of all kinds pass freely back and forth through the cell walls, and by that means you acquire a new skeleton every three months.

The skin is new every month. You have a new stomach lining every four days, with the actual surface cells that contact blood being renewed every five minutes. The cells in the liver turn over very slowly, but new atoms still flow through them, like water in a river course, making a new liver every six weeks.

It is as if you lived in a building whose bricks were systematically taken out and replaced every year. If you keep the same blueprint, then it will still look like the same building. But it won't be the same in actuality.

* * *

As non-change, the body is solid and stable, like a frozen sculpture. As change, it is mobile and flowing, like a river.

Science has accepted essentially a frozen, geometric way of mapping out everything that happens in the material world, so quite naturally the idea of the sculpture took precedence over the idea of the river. But the river has not stopped just to please science - the beauty of the human body is that it is new every moment.

* * *

As you see it right now, your body is the physical picture, in 3-D, of what you are thinking. This remarkable fact escapes our notice for several reasons. One is that the physical outline of your body does not change drastically with every thought. Even so, the whole body quite obviously projects thoughts.

We literally read other people's minds from the constant play of their facial expressions; without marking it, we also register the thousandfold gestures of body language as a sign of their moods and intentions toward us. Films made by sleep laboratories disclose that we change position dozens of times during the night, obeying commands from the brain that we are unconscious of.

Secondly, we don't see our bodies as projected thoughts because many physical changes that thinking causes are unnoticeable. They involve minute alterations of cell chemistry, body temperature, electrical charge, blood pressure, and so on, which do not register on our focus of attention. You can be assured, however, that the body is fluid enough to mirror any mental event.

From the book "Quantum Healing"

Quantum Healing
by Dr. Deepak Chopra

In this book Dr. Chopra has brought together the current research of Western medicine, neuroscience, and physics with the insights of Ayurvedic theory to show that the human body is controlled by a "network of intelligence" grounded in quantum reality. Not a superficial psychological state, the intelligence lies deep enough to change the basic patterns that design our physiology.