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Irresistible Attraction

Secrets of Personal Magnetism

by Kevin Hogan, Ph.D. and Mary Lee LaBay

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Recent research indicates the following about the assumptions we all make about attractive people. We believe that attractive people are:

  • more successful
  • more intelligent
  • better adjusted
  • more socially skilled
  • more interesting
  • more poised
  • more exciting
  • more independent
  • more sexual
  • have a happier marriage
  • have more professional and social success
  • have more fulfilling lives

People form their first impression of you in three to four seconds! This book reveals to you the hidden secrets of attraction and charisma. You will learn to maximize your hidden and natural attributes to create an instant bond with anyone you meet! Learn how to:

  • Have them falling for you in a heartbeat!
  • Communicate with others at the unconscious level.
  • Make a great first impression with your body language.
  • Know what their eyes are saying to you.
  • Appear comfortable even when you aren't!
  • Speak with confidence when you are nervous!
  • Use specific words and phrases to influence them now!
  • Create chemistry with anyone at will!

Irresistible Attraction book reveals the following:

  • Are You Irresistible?
  • Irresistible Ideals in Men and Women
  • Attraction For the Rest of Us
  • Can You Hear Your Body Talking?
  • The Eyes Have It!!
  • Initial Impressions
  • Flirting Makes the World Go Around
  • The Second Impression
  • The Secrets of Charisma
  • Positive Expression and Inner Magnetism
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Secrets of Finding the Love and Experiencing the Intimacy You Deserve
  • Dating
  • Intimacy: Creating and Re-creating the Deep Bonds of Love
  • Personal Magnetism in Intimate Relationships

Irresistible Attraction:Secrets of Personal Magnetism
by Kevin Hogan, Ph.D. and Mary Lee LeBay

"How can you exude your inner charisma? Irresistible Attraction blends the art and science of attraction and flirting. This book is insightful and it is fun!" Jill Spiegel, author, Flirting for Success, and Flirting With Spirituality