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Introduction to Zebu Cards

Fun Way to Practice
Hypnotic Language Patterns

"I created Zebu to help me teach my classes in Ericksonian Hypnosis.the level of proficiency that my students developed was nothing short of phenomenal, and it's all due to this card game.Playing Zebu is learning at its best, because the whole time is spent listening to and using the language patterns ... and it's entertaining!What could be better?

Playing Zebu we've laughed so hard it hurt, and at other times we've used the Zebu cards to actually hypnotize members of the class.Enjoy!"

- Robert Anue

Each card in a deck has a language pattern written at the top and bottom, and a commentary in the center.An underlined blank in a language pattern indicates a place for an embedded command.The words in italics in the commentaries on the cards are examples of embedded commands.The underlined words in the commentaries are just underlined for emphasis.

Zebu is a tool that you can use to practice and learn important language patterns, and have fun doing it!Before you begin playing Zebu, have all the players agree not to take any of the suggestions made during the game seriously.Then you are free to practice making hypnotic and trance inducing suggestions to the other players without the fear of anyone falling asleep.Of course that makes it fair game to offer mischievous suggestions as well!