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Hypnotic Language Patterns

Eventually ...

Eventually everything comes to pass. Eventually what I want to direct your attention to will probably come to pass as well. Eventually you will develop a deep understanding of these difficult events in your life, and you will find some hidden value in them. Eventually, indirect language patterns will become second nature to you. Imagine that.

I don't know if _____.

I don't know if you're going to like this game better than any other learning game you've ever played. I don't know what things in particular you will enjoy the most. I really don't know if this experience is going go change your life. Don't ask me, I don't know.

Maybe you'll ____.

Maybe you'll direct some unusual embedded commands to your friends while you play Zebu. Maybe you'll dream of new ways to say things tonight. Maybe you'll spot the embedded commands in these sentences.

It's easy to _____, is it not?

Is it not is another one of those endings that softens a statement into a question. And it's a bit confusing to disagree with, is it not?It's easy to go into trance, is it not?It's easy to discover something special deep inside, is it not?And if I say that something is easy, you probably try doing it to see if I'm right.

Maybe you haven't ..., yet.

Maybe you haven't, maybe you have, who knows, I'm just making an observation, but when that yet comes along, there's a strong implication that sooner or later you're going to!Maybe you haven't decided to buy copies of Zebu for all of your friends ... yet. Who knows?There's still time ... It's just an observation.