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Ye Are Gods


Desire is the flame that will fulfill anything. Intensify your desires - intensify them until they burn as a fire within you, until the very flame reaches into eternity to gather from the universe the material necessary to fulfill them. Intense desire cuts the pattern from the spiritual realms and gather the material substance to fulfill the complete pattern, to make it a reality, tangible and true. Mere "likes" and "wants" are seldom realized. Wishing is not sufficient. But intense desire always carries with it the power of its own fulfillment, as the seed or life-germ carries with it the power to fulfill and bring forth the mature, perfect product of its existence. The time of the achieving of a desire will be based primarily upon the intensity you put into it. When it fills the soul, when the desire is so intense that other things do not matter, when it has thoroughly tested the patience, endurance and earnestness of the individual, then it will be granted. That desire will be fulfilled when it has been so intense that it is embedded into every cell and fiber of the being. If you can desire anything that badly, and it is a righteous desire, then you may have it.

Ye Are Gods by Annalee Skarin