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Healing Temple

Life and Teaching of the
Masters of the Far East

Located in this village was the Healing Temple.

It is claimed that only words of Life, Love and Peace have been given expression in this temple since its erection, and the vibrations are so potent that nearly all who pass through the temple are instantly healed.

It is also claimed that words of Life, Love, and Peace have been used and sent out so long from this temple and the vibrations emanation from them are so strong that, should words of inharmony and imperfection be used at any time, they would have no power.

We were told that this is an illustration of what takes place in man. If he would practice sending forth words of Life, Love, Harmony, Peace, and Perfection he would in short time not be able to utter an inharmonious word.

We attempted to use inharmonious words and found in each instance that we could not even utter them.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
by Baird T. Spalding

The Masters teach through example and clearly demonstrate how we could all lift ourselves and live lives that are for most of us beyond our wildest imagination. Yet it all begins with expanded vision and the development of our inner resources.