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"God I AM" - From Tragic to Magic

Resonance and DNA

The thought we receive comes from the universal storehouse of thought from the All-That-Is. As thought is frequency, we only receive the frequency our state of consciousness allows in, meaning it filters out what is not of its own frequency. This filtering process is governed by the law of Resonance and Affinity.

Thought enters through the pituitary gland, at the crown of the head, "funneled" in via the external chakras. Depending on the soul's awareness we accept or ignore certain thought frequencies. As the greater part of humanity dwells in social consciousness, we only receive enough thought and energy to keep the physical vehicle functioning plus a little extra for the most basic actions.

THOUGHT is LIGHT, or better INFORMATION. The information or light carrier in our physical body is the double helix of the DNA in our chromosomes. As each chakra corresponds to one helix, the activation of all twelve chakras will see a fully restored DNA with twelve helices. As it is, it resembles an electric circuit with a few loose connections. It is split.

The split in our consciousness, the denial of our Source, is reflected in the physical body by the DNA. How this was originally actually once instrumented is another and very long story. However, the story's bottom line reads:Denial of our Source. Our concern here is the repair of this circuit, for only when all light filaments are reconnected can higher information attach itself to this carrier. It is a receiver of information very much like a radio or TV antenna consisting of segments. If the segments are disconnected, only limited information can be received and stored.

So, the sequence is this: thought enters, but only low-level frequencies are allowed in. A low-level consciousness filters out the higher frequencies, as they do not correspond to its own frequency. Therefore, higher frequencies lacking, the higher chakras - the more or less dormant energy points - are not being aroused into action, only the two lower chakras are fully stimulated. As the chakras, the energy "gates", determine which information reaches the DNA, only the lowest frequency reaches the DNA.

Our analysis reveals then two shortcomings: the restriction of higher thought frequencies and a split DNA. One the surface this may indicate a vicious circle, but in truth it is not so at all. The emotion of fear acts like a cork or plug in a a pipeline. It is solely FEAR which restricts the incoming thought to the lowest frequencies. In proportion to the release of our fear-based attitude we allow higher frequencies in. This activates the dormant chakras, which in turn channel information to the DNA.

We may be tempted now to believe that this is the end of the line, as higher thought cannot attach itself to a split DNA, the broken circuit. But not so at all. As the body is a direct mirror of our consciousness, a split consciousness beginning to unify with its Source begins to heal the DNA, in different words, it too becomes whole. In proportion to its healing an increased inflow of information is enabled.

Most have heard reference made to the light-body. The process of rebuilding the DNA is building the light-body. When the rest of the chakras - heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra - are open, the DNA carries enough information to change the actual atomic structure of our cells. A person in that state would, for example, be immune to diseases and hard radiation. There would be sufficient information present that he could control the atoms which constitute his molecular structure, meaning he would have the ability to grow a lost limb, or reassemble his body elsewhere - another term for this is teleportation. We would become true masters of our destiny.

Throughout the ages there have been pockets within humanity who kept the flame of truth alive; the holy men of the East, for instance, and the Shamans of native America. Many of both of these groups were able to change their actual molecular structure and assume a different physical form or travel any distance through teleportation.

If some reader finds that the above-mentioned human potential belongs in the realm of fantasy or that of wild speculation, then (and take no offence) this is only an indication of the degree to which consciousness has been limited.

* * *

In looking once more at the restoration of the split DNA, two most interesting facts come to light: For one, it is folly to attempt an activation of the dormant chakras by means of pure techniques. The best technique will fail or even cause damage, if the "plug" is not removed, and once fear is absent, techniques are obsolete in any case. Secondly, one who is in the process of healing his or her own DNA begins to emit a different electromagnetic frequency, which effects the healing of his fellow humans, in contrast to the previous emission of a frequency which only reinforced the damaged, broken circuitry of the DNA through the low frequency of survival consciousness. Such an individual becomes a light beacon, modulates the frequencies around him, hence his task - in technical terms - is frequency modulation.

"God I AM: From Tragic to Magic"
by Peter Erbe