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Inspiring Stories of Protection

On this page you will find a small selection of inspiring stories of faith and protection. These inspiring stories have nothing to do with any particular religion - as One Infinite Loving Power is formless and nameless and embraces and encompasses everyone and everything. They inspiring stories have everything to do with the individual's awareness and heartfelt connection with this Infinite Power which is accessible to each individual, but it can be only accessed by opening one's heart to it.

Not only do I know people belonging to different spiritual traditions who have their own amazing stories to tell, but I have been helped whenever I needed help and remembered to turn to Higher Power, regardless of what spiritual tradition I may have followed when I asked for help. Infinite Power doesn't care what language or ritual (or lack of it) you may be using, it doesn't care if you refer to it as God, as Jesus Christ, as Allah, as Buddha, as Shiva, Krishna, Infinite Spirit, Divine Consciousness, or whatever - IT only demands that you make your request with your heart. Love is the language of the Infinite.

Mere hope or mechanical chanting of prayers of mantras won't do you much good, but if you put your heart and soul into the words you are saying (silently or aloud) to the point that you can actually FEEL the Presence of this Infinite Power within you and all around you - you may be surprised with miracles you can bring into your life.