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Success Stories, and Letters related to different areas of
Hypnosis, Mind Power and Spiritual Growth

From people just like you, who have been using Deep Trance Now programs and reading Deep Trance Now Hypnosis newsletters. The main purpose of these letters is to inspire you, to motivate you and to open your mind to greater possibilities.

Remote Influence

Thank you Dr. I don't mean to inundate you with emails but, I had to respond back to say THANK YOU because this has changed my life. Not just the influencing supraliminals, but your free downloads, for the prayer and the sample for be free have had a great effect on me. I feel it's important to say or in this case write the words THANK YOU. You can take this as a testimonial.

Just like you said I influenced the situation I want to be in (job-wise) and I am seeing results already ( a thousandfold) and you know that I received my mp3s only days ago, so the results have also been immediate.

Many blessings,

K.K. (USA)

Exceptional recordings

I am writing, Laura, to indeed tell you how I admire your work and wish to one day meet you. I have been listening to your subliminal and supra liminal recordings and find them exceptional.

I work in a community House for abused/neglected children who are waiting to be adopted or go to foster care. I am trying to get our clinical director to allow the children to use the recordings before bed. Many have nightmares and as you can imagine have low self esteem and disassociative issues, not to mention abuse issues.

You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and it is such a pleasure to listen to.

L.F. (USA)

Sex Magnetism Program

Hi my dear Dr Laura,

My son bought for me the best present I got in my life - your Sex Magnetism program. I also read your self-written experience and qualifications. I live with your sweet voice, your respectfull personality and your great knowledge and information nearly once or twice every 24 hours.

I send you now my greetings, great respect to a great lady who deserves at least Nobel Prize.

My best and sweetest regards to you and your team.

Q.B. (USA)


Just wish to let you know that I believe you are a very beautiful soul. May the supreme light force be with you through infinity.


C.C. (USA)

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Dear Laura,

What you wrote about Accessing Your Infinite Inner Wisdom is fabulous. I cannot say enough how wonderful this is, and how important it is to be said. God bless you.

Gloria (USA)

Recovering From Alcohol Addiction

I have a year today. ONE WHOLE YEAR, including nights and weekends - yeah! Not real excited, just another day in the life of a sober alcoholic I suppose. Anyway I want presents and want settle for anything else - ha ha ha. Just kidding.

But seriously, thank you for your part in my recovery. You have played a part somewhere along the line along with many other people that God has chosen to carry the message to me in some way, shape or form.

Love, blessings, peace and hugs,

S.D. (USA)

Winning at Games of Chance

Since I started listening to my affirmations January 1, 2006, I’ve already won $275.00 ($250 1/2/06 & $25 just this week).I already feel more positive and blessed.I know this is a sign of better things to come.I expect a big win is heading my way!

T.J. (USA)

Sex Magnetism

Hi Laura,

I've purchased your complete Sexual Magnetism set and the New History Generator CDs and they are absolutely awesome.

W.Z. (USA)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hi Dr. Laura,

I have listened to "Breaking free from limitations" and the hypnosis CD "Irritable bowel". I am very impressed ... these recordings are wonderful and relaxing to listen to. You have a very soothing voice and your choice of dialog is right on. I am looking forward to listening to the additional CDs.

Thanks again,

J.B. (USA)

Meaningful Newsletters

Dear Dr. De giorgio,

I just wanted to take time to let you know how much your newsletter means to me. I am at yet another fork in the road of life and it can be bewildering at times. your letters have been a wonderful reaffirmation of my experience in life. They remind me of my spirituality and connection with the cosmos. your letters instill hope and are a motivating force to not give up.

As a graduate level social worker with 23 years experience, I had become lost due to a back injury, consequent surgery, and post surgical chronic pain. I have been continuing to work toward finding a way to resume my work. your letters have aided me in my efforts in that endeavor. You have a gift and a healing spirit.


W.M. (USA)

Remote Influence

I received my CDs on remote influence and I want you to know how much I am enjoying them. Even if they didn't work (and I know they will), the feeling of wellness and peacefulness that I feel after listening to your tape is well worth the cost. I am going to order more CDs.

Thank you very much again,

D.S. (USA)

Getting Deeply Relaxed with Shapeshifting CD's

Hello Dr. Laura,

I just received my CD's today from your site. I purchased the Shapeshifting CD's, and have already tried them out. Must say, the self-hypnosis one really knocked me out. Meditating much myself in the past, with different kinds of CD's, it's refreshing to get THAT RELAXED.

Thank you for your time and what is seeming to become a fun little journey into my shapeshifting endeavor.


B.P. (USA)

Quality of Hypnosis Recordings

I want to thank you for the CD's I've already received. I find them very helpful and I appreciate your well thought out dialogues and the quality of your voice. I have read and listened to quite a few, as I've been looking for the ones that would be most effective for me, and yours are by far the most well thought out and effective !

D.J. (USA)

Love Supraliminal Plus

I'm very glad to have found your website. I've downloaded some of your supraliminal recordings and I must say that they're great. The one which I love most is the supraliminal plus recording of LOVE. This recording fills me with pure love and uplifts my soul everytime I listen to it. I just want to express my gratitude to your loving service for providing these free.

Love and Light,

Chris (USA)

Wonderful Programs

Hello Dr. Laura,

First I want to say thank you for your wonderful programs. I have purchased many and look forward to more. Bless you for your work.


D.S. (USA)

Winning the Lottery

Hello Dr. De Giorgio,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Programs. I have been listening to your Win the Lottery and Create Money programs. When I asked if should listen to both you recommended that I should until I achieve the results I desire. Well, I won $500 dollars on two scratch tickets. This absolutely amazed me because I have never won that much money before, and have been playing lottery for more than fifteen years. Thank you.

I meditate almost every morning and listen to one or both hypnosis CDs almost every day. The supraliminal tracks are loaded on my very small mp3 player and I listen to those almost all day long. I enjoy all of it every much and have to tell you about some of the extra benefits I believe I am receiving from your programs.

My memory and visualization skills have gotten much sharper and my creativity (without exaggeration) is exploding. In the past I have gotten ideas for movies and skit comedy on a very infrequent and casual basis, but now it is a daily occurrence.

Thank you.

M.R. (USA)

Relaxing CDs

Your CDs are enriching, relaxing, and excellent!

Thank you so much,

H.B. (USA)

Weight Loss

Dear Laura,

I am so excited to share the good news with you. I have been listening to your hypnosis and supraliminal plus CDs for weight loss for about two months and have lost 25 pounds. I look better and I feel so much lighter and happier. The weight fell off my body and off my chest. Not only that, but my husband is acting much more affectionate.

Samantha L. (USA)

Effective Recordings and Interesting Hypnosis Newsletters

Dear Dr. De Giorgio ,

First let me say that I found your webs site and newsletters extremely interesting and helpful. I have also saved the free downloads. These last were particularly interesting and very effective. I have been looking into hypnosis for some time now, and I am also quite adept at self-hypnosis, but nowhere have I come across anything quite like your mp3s. Maybe its the background music, maybe its the "overlap", maybe its the accent, or perhaps all three. I am more than interested on the subject of mind power, and at age 70, I am delving into it quite avidly. I am glad you have a CD about telekinesis. Some time soon I am going to get it.

God Bless you,

T.G. (Malta)

From Depression to Love

Dear Dr. De Giorgio

How to begin? I have been deeply depressed recently. It's been kind of a life long affliction. I've just always felt like something was missing ... or more to the point - I was missing something. Like a truth existed just out of my grasp and as time progressed and I failed to grasp it, I became more disgusted and depressed with myself, religion, life and the people around me. to be fair - I know it's not them - it's me.

Here a week ago, I stumbled across a review you made of The Power of the Unconscious Mind on I have read / downloaded / signed up for everything I can get my hands on, on your website! The first thing I tried was actually the Love Prayer (actually on the little wizards page). I cried.

My daughter asked me why I was crying and ... I didn't know. It just felt great! I felt awakened! That night ... I said my prayers (like normal) but ... and this is strange ... there was no .. static ... no drifting off ... just complete focus. Phenomenal!

I continued to listen to the prayer and read when I could. A Couple days later, I was helping the kids to take down Christmas lights and one string got hung. Before I even thought twice about it ... I shimmied out the ledge, hung out a window 12 feet off the ground, unhooked the lights, then realized in great shock ... I wasn't the least bit freaked out by the heights! I've been petrified of heights since I was a kid! Used to panic when jumping on a trampoline! Again ... phenomenal!

What you are doing ... the knowledge you are sharing is truly priceless. I was raised Catholic in a very very rural Midwest setting. To say that my upbringing was close-minded is a bit of an understatement. If you did not publish this information ... people like me would never know and would never find the peace and understanding.

I can sum up my feeling ... the reason I cried when listening to the Love Prayer ... "Aha! I knew there was something more!" And my inner turmoil is calmed now because I found the answer I was unconsciously searching for my entire life. There are not words enough to thank you properly. Bless you Dr. De Giorgio.

F.P. (USA)

Priceless Hypnosis Newsletters

Respected Laura De Giorgio,

I am writing this mail specially to thank you for your great work including these priceless newsletters ...

God Bless you,

Best wishes,

A.B. (India)

Eyesight Improvement

Dear Laura,

I'm just writing you this note to update you on my progress. I have been listening to your hypnosis and supraliminal CDs and also doing additional exercises for eyes and it is getting better. I was wearing glasses with -4 lenses, now they are -2. I still have some way to go, and I'll keep doing the same routine until I reach my goal or perfect vision. It is just good to know that this is working and I wanted to thank you for your work.

Martin S. (USA)

Stock Trading - Breaking Free From Limitations

I have been using your "Be Free" Supraliminal Plus for 5 days now. I wish to share my experience.

As I already mentioned ... I have lot of debts and have no regular income also (for the past 4 years). I started my share trading business (online share trading) at home, some six months back. As I was a novice ... did burn my fingers, but was sure that I could make it only this way. So have been at it.

Since I have listened to your recording ... I find a shift in the way I trade and my Portfolio also is increasing in value (which means I am earning profits). some other earning opportunities are also showing up and hopefully I will find the necessary monies to invest in these.

I do have a long way to go ... (need to get a regular monthly income, become financially independent and free) but know, that all this is possible by tuning up my mind.


S.L. (USA)


I am quite young in age (19) but my mind is much more advanced than the norm of society. I just wanted to thank you for your courage to follow your heart and expect the very best from this "world with so many resources, but not enough time" life. I have been always looking for guidance at a very young age finding very few outlays to give my life balance. One of my mentors directed me to your site and it is amazing to see the profound knowledge you offer. I have always been a giver and plant also to keep it that way. I walk more in faith and perseverance than anyone I know. I am not sure if it would be out of your way or even a burden to have me asking you questions or even taking time from your very busy life to mentor me. But I just wanted a chance to say thank you, being young independent, being raised by a single mother that surely struggled.

It's comforting to know women win in life what they truly want. I want to be able to give until I have nothing else to give of myself. May God be with you every step of your way to show you favor and prosperity of health and old age. Peace and love.

Peace and Love. God shall move you to Glory to Glory to Glory!

S.J. (USA)

Babaji Presentation

I just wanted to send you a personal and profound thanks for the beautiful presentation you shared with us. It was exceptionally moving and inspiring and many times I found my heart so full of love. It was a very precious and even personal gift to all of us. Your work is lovely.

Thank you for adding tears of happiness to my day!

K.D. (USA)

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