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Sports Hypnosis

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan (in Drunken Master)
displays the internal strength of Lu
(one of the Eight Taoist Immortals)

Mind-Training and Internal Energy Cultivation

Martial Arts Yin Yang

Mind-training and internal energy (martial arts) training has always been a part of those who excelled in sports and martial arts. While there has been research regarding the effectiveness of practicing the chosen sport only mentally as opposite to physically, and the results have been amazing, for best results, you should use incorporate hypnosis with your physical training rather than relying solely on mental training.

In different cultures around the world, people have often developed superior physical and mental abilities out of sheer necessity for the sake of survival. For example, Tarahumara Indians who call themselves Raramuri (light-footed) have developed extraordinary ability as runners as this has been their main mode of transportation. In other countries, various forms of martial arts whether out of necessity for protection or because it provides the best source of income in terms of sports fights, has again become tied to survival and people in these countries often begin their training while they're still small children.

An NLP/hypnosis techniques working with Time-Lines and Time-Distortion in New History Generator CD, can help you to accelerate the skill development to the point that you begin to express the desired skill as if you were born with it, or at least as if you've been developing it from an early age.

For some it was the necessity of winning the fights, and for others the ultimate goal of spiritual progress, that further stimulated the practice of gaining the edge through the practice of internal martial arts - essentially mastering the use of different forms energy, and learning how to use it both for healing and even severally disabling the opponent, if necessary.

Mind vs. Body Basketball Practice Experiment

Basketball Experiment with Self Hypnosis

Australian psychologist Alan Richardson took three groups of basketball players and tested their ability to make free throws. Then he instructed the first group to spend twenty minutes a day practicing free throws. He told the second group not to practice and had the third group spend twenty minutes a day visualizing that they were shooting perfect baskets. As might be expected, the group that did nothing showed no improvement. The first group improved 24 percent, but through the power of imagery alone, the third group improved an astonishing 23 percent, almost as much as the group that practiced (physically).

Flexibility Experiment You Can Try Now

Flexibility Experiment with Self-Hypnosis

As an experiment of the influence of your mind over your body, turn your head for a moment as far as you can to the right. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself turning your head slowly 360% - full circle. Now, open your eyes and turn your head to the right again. You were able to turn it further, didn't you? And this took only few moments of practice in your imagination. Can you imagine what can you do with daily mental rehearsal of your favorite sport?

Mental Power Training You Can Do While Watching TV

Jackie Chan (in Drunken Master)
displaying pot-holding technique of Fat Han
(another one of the Eight Taoist Immortals)

This is a motionless exercise. If you're new to this, you may as well practice it while watching TV or some entertaining movie to get your mind off the pain. It is a very simple exercise - all you need to do is stand with your legs apart at least shoulder width or more, and your knees slightly bent, or in a "horse stance" where your legs are wide apart and your thighs almost parallel to the floor (as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair). Your spine should be perfectly upright. Place your arms in front of you as if you were holding a big ball or a balloon between your hands, or if you prefer as if you were embracing a tree. This posture is appropriately called "embracing a tree".

Even though you won't be moving at all, in the beginning, standing motionless like this may be challenging even for one full minute. Watching a TV while doing this exercise, in the beginning will help to distract you from the pain. However ideally you'd focus on your "dan tien" area ("hara" point), few inches below your navel, inside of your stomach - for the purpose of generating the energy here.

When you are able to remain comfortably in this position for about 20 min, you can begin to add "weight" to your imaginary ball - imagine that you're holding a ball that weights 50, 100, 150 lbs, and so on. Eventually you can imagine that you are uprooting a tree, or if you're brave, as if you were lifting a mountain.

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