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Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis is a popular form of entertainment.The hypnotist calls for volunteers to come up on stage.He then performs suggestibility tests and keeps those that are basically most willing to follow instructions and play the pretend game - the rest go back to their seats. The routines begin with something that is relatively simple to enact(such as licking an ice-cream) to more complex (perhaps assuming another identity).The hypnotist will often give post-hypnotic suggestions.With exception of suggestions for general well-being, any other suggestions given during the show are removed before the participants leave the show.

While the trance state allows the participants to lose their inhibitions, if they were asked to do something which goes against their moral convictions, they would either ignore the suggestion or come out of trance.The stage show simply offers an opportunity to participants to be the "stars" and to entertain the audience for a while, performing acts for mutual enjoyment.

On the hypnosis training programs page, you can learn more about EKG Induction used in Stage Hypnosis.