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The Story of Hair

Whether you desire to boost your hair growth or stop hair hair from growing using your mind-power, the principles are exactly the same. When boosting your hair growth, you'd activate hair follicles; when stopping hair from growing, you'll put them to sleep. Both are natural processes that some of your hair undergoes automatically at any given point in time. When influencing your hair growth (or lack of it) with hypnosis, you'll just take some control over how much and where you desire to experience hair growth or to stop your hair from growing.

Hair Follicle - Change Your Hair Growth with Hypnosis

The story of hair begins below the skin, where each hair is contained within the pouch-like tube called the follicle.

Hair Follicle - Change Your Hair Growth With Hypnosis

At the base of the follicle is the root, the oval-shaped center where the hair growth activity begins. Jutting into the bottom portion of the root is the papilla, which contains the vital capillaries, liking the body's blood supply to each growing strand of hair.

Just about all of the changes that occur in the body under the influence of using hypnosis, occur through regulating the chemistry and the flow of the blood. Blood is also a physical counterpart of vital energy. So, you may also say that with hypnosis, your mind directs the energy, which in turn influences the blood-flow, causing physical changes that stimulate the hair growth or stop the hair growth, according to your intent.

Hair growth occurs in three phases: the growth phase, the transitional phase and the dormant phase. At any given point in time some of your hair is going through a growing phase, some of your hair is going through a transitional phase and some of your hair is in a dormant phase.

During the growing phase your hair grows rapidly and this stage may last from few weeks (facial hair) to several years (hair on your scalp). During transitional phase, which lasts about two weeks, your follicle shrinks and your hair essentially stops growing. During the dormant phase, which lasts about five - six weeks, the hair may fall out or remain attached to the hair follicle until the growth of new hair pushes it out - so if at any given point time, while you comb your hair, some of your hair falls out, that's quite normal. After the dormant stage, a new hair cycle begins and new hair begins growing.

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