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Recommended Sites

Mind Training Tools

» JOURNEY TO WILD DIVINE with Deepak Chopra

An awesome inter-active computer adventure that incorporates the science of biofeedback with a beautiful, enchanting and entertaining multimedia experience. It is a wonderful tool designed to train your mind to enter trance state while embarking on a spiritual quest.

Hypnosis Resources


Learn Conversational Hypnosis and hypnotize people in every day situation. You have already been doing it, but perhaps didn't even know it and perhaps you weren't very effective. Now you can learn how to use hypnotic language in a way that will bring the best outcome in any situation.


Includes hypnosis, NLP and mentalism techniques. Bonuses include applications for the performers, seducers, and storytellers.

Health and Wellness


The focus of this extensive metaphysical program is on manifesting optimal health and wellness, working with chakras, and using energy and consciousness.


It helps you to shed up to 25 pounds in 25 days and you can eat whatever you want every fifth day.

Spiritual and Inspirational


A soul inspiring website that will warm your heart and make you sparkle all over. If you love A Course in Miracles, you will love this website. And even if you're not A Course in Miracles fan, you will find yourself refreshed even after reading only few pages of Heaven Letters. It is like drinking from the heavenly waters of life. Heaven Letters are truly Love Letters from God. Just imagine how good you can feel by starting your day by reading a love letter. It is good to have a constant reminder that you are indeed loved at all times.


Free lessons, videos, CDs and books to guide you and assist you with the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

» ADVANCED YOGA PRACTICES - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living

This website has an entire book (about 500 pages) of all sorts of techniques from yoga free online. You can learn a lot here.

» AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI - by Paramahansa Yogananda

Here, you can read the entire book Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda free online. In this book you can find more about Babaji - the Yogi Christ of India, and about Babaji Materializing a Palace in Himalayas. There is also a drawing of Mahavatar Babaji


Russill Paul has out of this word recording with mantras. His recordings more than any other I've ever heard will create almost instant transformation. You can experience tangible effects in your mind, heart and body - not only are they uplifting and will open your heart, but will open you to increased flow of energy and spiritual nourishment. When I started listening to them, I found myself fasting spontaneously for five days.

Esoteric and Alchemy


This website is all about using the power of your mind and hypnosis, but mainly from quantum physics and esoteric point of view. While I have not attended any courses in this school, I had the pleasure of reading several books and I highly recommend particularly the books from the Fireside Collection, to all those who desire to know how to accomplish with hypnosis that which is otherwise in hypnosis circles considered impossible. Although Ramtha uses different language to bring the point across, his teaching are entirely compatible with mine. And I highly recommend all of his videos, beginning with the "Magical Brain" and a DVD "Cracking the Code to the Extraordinary".


This is one of my favorite website on Hawaiian Huna. Serge Kahili King has written a lot of good books on Huna, the most widely known is "Urban Shaman" . On his website you'll find a lot of practical information related to Huna - it's just another slant on hypnosis.


This website is the greatest resource on information relating particularly to Western Alchemy. I highly recommend Adam McLean's courses relating to the study of alchemical emblems. Working with alchemical emblems is somewhat like working with zen koans - you can grasp the meaning only when you let go of your intellect and allow the understanding and knowingness to emerge from deep within you - from your subconscious / superconscious mind.


Having studied with Mantak Chia, I highly recommend his books, videos and courses - because they are very practical. The scope of Chinese alchemy has far greater range or practices and applications than Western Alchemy. Whether you are merely interested in healing of the body, harnessing your sexual energy, enhancing your martial arts practice, rejuvenating your body, transmuting your emotions or desire to go all the way and unfold spiritually, it is up to you.


Have fun exploring what role numbers play in your life. Learn more about numerology or get a free numerology chart.