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Extraordinary Healings

» My Experiences
» Other People's Extraordinary Healing Stories

The stories and testimonials presented here are considered "Impossible" according to the "medical science" and "miraculous" from the religious point of view.

Often, "medical experts" who witnessed these extraordinary healings, and even those who assisted in such healings didn't want their names mentioned in order not to lose their professional credibility.

People often resort to unorthodox methods of healing when "medical experts" give up on them and label their health challenges as "incurable" or "terminal". When there is nothing more that can be done from the outside, some "extraordinary" people turn for help within.They learn to contact the power and intelligence that created their bodies in the first place, power and intelligence that takes care of million different processes taking place in their bodies, power and intelligence that knows of no limitations promoted by the medical science.Different terms exist for this omnipotent and omniscience force - in hypnotherapy it is called "unconscious", in spiritual traditions "God". 

I call these people "extraordinary" because they are willing and brave enough to break free from socially and culturally imposed limiting beliefs.They have guts to challenge the beliefs promoted by false authorities and say "no" to false gods with limited powers.They are brave enough to give their total faith to the only real power, the intelligent power that knows of no obstacles and limitations, the one that resides within them.

When a healing occurs that medical experts cannot explain, because their model of the world does not provide any explanations, often they dismiss such healings, sometimes they label them a fluke of nature, sometimes they say that the original diagnosis must have been wrong.

These extraordinary healings are not accidental.They all follow a law, a principle expressing through all nature.The law is exact and it NEVER fails.Understanding and using this law consciously and consistently will produce consistent results, in any area of your life.

When the use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, prayer, guided-imagery or any other mind-body therapeutic modalities does not produce expected results, it is only because the individual did not follow the requirements necessary for the fulfillment of the universal law. 

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My Experiences With Healing

My first conscious attempt to affect my body through mind-power (self-hypnosis) occurred when in my late teenage years.I experienced an excessive loss of blood (due to hormonal disorder) and ended up in hospital because I fainted and couldn't stand on my feet.I received a transfusion and was given injections that were supposed to stop the bleeding, but had no effect. 

I was very excited about a job offer and felt urgency to leave the hospital so I could attend the interview (didn't want to miss the opportunity).a hospital physician, on the other hand, didn't want to let me leave the hospital unless I stopped bleeding, but promised to give me another check-up.Just before the check-up I willed the blood the stop and it did - just like that.So, I got out and I got the job which I so much wanted.

As soon as I left the hospital, the bleeding continued.At the time I didn't realize that I could've willed the bleeding to stop completely.A member of my family went to a local herbalist and got herbs for some tea.This herbal tea worked miracles and the bleeding completely stopped in two days.From that point I developed a great interest in herbal remedies and other natural healing modalities.

When I was pregnant with my children, I visualized the way I wanted them to look like, what sex I'd like them to be and what qualities I'd like them to have and they turned out exactly as I ordered them in my mind.

And, of course, I had natural childbirths.They were fast, easy and enjoyable (in spite of my mother's insistence that I was yet to see how terrible it's going to be) and I even laughed immediately after the first delivery.The techniques I employed during child-birth were based a great deal upon three different kinds of breathing for different stages of delivery as well as rehearsing the process three times a week for three months beforehand, so even when the time for the first delivery came, I felt as if I've done it many, many times before.

Between my pregnancy and after my contraception of choice was self-hypnosis.Women in the office where I worked laughed at the idea, but I just willed myself not to become pregnant and I didn't.When I willed myself to be pregnant I became pregnant.The technique, as odd and incredible as it may sound in our "modern" society, was used with equal success in many "primitive" societies.

My next significant healing experience occurred many years later.This time due to stress I again experienced some kind of bleeding.This time, however, I went to several physicians and they didn't have a clue what was wrong - but they'd turn pale at the sight and all of them urged me to have exploratory surgery as soon as possible.I accepted to have X-rays, ultrasound and other exams where they left everything in my body intact (and nothing could be found on those tests, yet the symptoms persisted), but I refused to be a guinea-pig. 

I figured there is this intelligence that created my body in the first place, that created this body cell by cell and grew it and if I'd trust anyone to fix whatever I was experiencing, it would be this intelligence that was already governing and directing millions of processes occurring in my body on daily basis. In spite of my family's and friends' opinions that I should submit myself to the knife - I choose to engage in prayer (self-hypnosis) and use the healing imagery. 

I did lose it few times and cried my eyes out, but at such times I'd feel an indescribable peace wash over my body and a silent voice of assurance that said "It will be all OK and not to worry".

It took me a whole year to heal myself, not only physically, but also to remove the stressors from my life and change my perception of the world so that things that I perceived as stressful before didn't have that effect any more.

In order for a complete healing to occur, it is often necessary for a person to re-examine and adjust the life-style he or she is enjoying.The complete healing occurs on all levels simultaneously (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical).The failure of modern medicine to help an individual experience the complete healing lies in it that interests itself only in the removal of the physical symptoms.Without dealing with the core issues, the symptoms will re-emerge if not through the same health challenge, then through a different one.

This is also true of hypnosis when the focus is placed on removal of the pain instead of on restoring wholeness and focusing on dealing with the cause and not with the symptom. 

Occasionally I'd experience discomforts that were minor, but annoying and often I didn't deal with them for months, until at the moment when I'd get fed up and decide that I didn't want to suffer from it any longer - I'd get rid of it in an instant.

At one point I suffered from an indigestion for several months.Whatever I ate didn't agree with me.I experimented with just about any type of food and cuisine I could think of and I still experienced the problem.OK, I fasted for one week on chamomile tea and that week I was fine, but then I got hungry again.Well, one day I got tired of this annoyance and decided to put an end to it. 

I took a plate with food, put in on the table in front of me and focused on the idea that on subatomic level, on quantum level, on spiritual level - the food on the plate and my stomach are made of exactly the same stuff.After a few moments of this contemplation, when I felt that this idea was impressed upon my subconscious mind, I began to eat - and I had no more gastric problems.

Over the years I experimented with spiritual and distant healing.The spiritual training I had involved placing hands close to the person's body, without touching it.While I had phenomenal results and instant healing experimenting only with focusing on projection of the brilliant white light, sometimes I also employed the use of colors. 

One day a friend of mine was suffering from a terrible toothache.He went to dentist and got pain-killers, but still he couldn't sleep from pain.His next appointment was in three days.So, even though he didn't believe in all this spiritual healing stuff, in my mind I directed a ray of blue light to his painful area and within half-an-hour the pain was gone. 

What followed was a distant healing I employed on this friend's father.I have never met the man (before or after this healing), nor did I tell either my friend or his family of my involvement.The ethics of what I did may be questionable, but I felt an urge to get involved. 

The father was on a deathbed in a hospital.Doctors said nothing could be done for him and that he was definitely going to die within the next few hours or the next few days.I would've probably left alone this man to whatever he might have chosen for his destiny - the man was alcoholic and might have as well wished to depart from earth. 

I, on the other hand, was possessed with the idea of life.I don't know how many times I have read "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" - but I have listened to the audio-tapes of these books for several months on daily basis.The idea of life was deeply impressed upon me.The idea that God, or universal substance, or All-That-Is is Life and that death is unreal and it only happens when a person refuses to accept (and surrender to) the Light.

In my mind death was (and still is) in a way a blasphemy against God, against Life - lack of appreciation and respect for that Force that flows through our beings, and a result of abuse of the life-force.So, didn't want to or couldn't let death into my world and I prayed with all my heart and soul for this man's life and healing. The next day, the man left the hospital and was doing fine for a whole year.

When he became sick again, I decided not to keep the man stuck in this body if he didn't want to stay.I believe that the purpose of life is learning and growth and and it didn't seem that this man wanted to keep on learning on this plane at this time any longer - so this time I just prayed that if it's best for him to stay, to stay, if it's best for him to leave, that he may leave in peace.And the man passed away.

I think most of us have this challenge of wanting to tell other people how to live their lives, and sometimes forcing our ideas upon others, and this seems to beeven more the case when we discover a wonderful new way of doing something more efficiently and easily and we just want to march out there and change the whole world.Then we forget that everyone has right to live his life according to his own understanding, heart's desire and his own conscience.In time we learn to live our truths and let other's live their truths and if they become very curious to know about our views, we may choose to share them.

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Extraordinary healing stories and testimonials:

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