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Success Stories, and Letters related to different areas of
Hypnosis, Mind Power and Spiritual Growth

From people just like you, who have been using Deep Trance Now programs and reading Deep Trance Now Hypnosis newsletters. The main purpose of these letters is to inspire you, to motivate you and to open your mind to greater possibilities.


Oh bless your heart, Laura, can you imagine - I WON $1,000 at Bingo. I did win before, once in a while, $50, or $100, or few times even $200, but I could never win more - so I got your program to see if I can smash through that barrier and win some money that I could actually buy myself and my sweetheart something nice. I did listen to your Bingo CDs for about a month and I also listened to that "Be Free" download - and Bingo! Now, I'm going to do it all over again, and the next time, maybe I win $2,000 or $3,000 and then I may start playing lottery, too.

Josh F. (USA)

Great Newsletter


Great newsletter! I just heard " Angels fly because they take themselves lightly!. I guess that was said by alan Watts. I think your latest newsletter helped make this statement even more profound for me. I always look forward to your monthly letters.

Thank you!

M.L. (USA)

Debt Free

Hi Laura,

My six weeks of hearing your recording Debt free finish this Friday. Now I'm enjoying success, my disadvantageous agreement with insurance company was cancelled. I got official letter about that. I found very good work that I like - that is a regular income for me, I have got first salary already, and I even got offer to higher position in that company after three weeks working there.

I sold my first photo via stock photo company (It is my hobby to take photos, I have an agreement with stock photo company). I'm awaiting more money for my work at home (internet page).

My intuition works perfectly, when I needed to find an address in a strange city I found it for first time without asking someone. I was leaded exactly to the house where I had needed.

Sometimes I play roulette in a online casino (only for fun not for real money) and the results are amazing. I get my desired number after few rounds. I use power of imagination in this case, for example - when I bet on two I imagine that the ball landed on two and I get it, sometimes after second round, sometimes after tenth or so. When I'm in a good shape I can say now zero, then 26, then 11 and I catch all three numbers. One after one.

I want to tell you that last year I was feeling a pain in my solar plexus, sometimes pretty bad. But last two weeks I begin to feel something that indicates a joy, pleasure, I know that solar plexus indicates the coming situation. (I have read Power of Your Subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy).

Your recordings are great work, from technical aspect - great quality, and from spiritual aspect. My native language is Slovak, but it seems that English recordings work perfectly for me.

Laura, you are GREAT woman with GREAT heart.
Thank you 1000 times.

Best wishes
M.B. (Slovakia)

New History Generator (Working with Time-Lines)

The New History Generator is incredible. The best of its kind. I've never seen anything like it! I was also very impressed with the use of traditional and indirect hypnosis with the NLP time lines. The combination of the different types of hypnosis and the brainwave sync is so powerful that there is almost no way it could not be effective!

My wife had tried some hypnosis CD's before and she could not get interested in them, but she loves yours and did right away!

I want to say once more that the New History Generator is wonderful.

Thank you,

David D. (United States)

Stopped Smoking Effortlessly

Dear Dr. Laura,

I gave myself a month of just listening to your Stop Smoking CDs, without actually attempting to do anything consciously to stop. I wanted to find out what will happen, if anything - if I just keep on listening to those recordings. I hoped that my subconscious mind would get a message and get programmed with this "new" me - who is a "non-smoker", so during those few times that I listen to hypnosis recording, I was actually imagining myself as a non-smoker - how would that feel like if it were true for me now - and then I had your supraliminal CD play in the background throughout the day and many times throughout the night, too. And so it happened - one morning I woke up and I simply didn't have any more desire to smoke. I guess my subconscious mind got the message, because I started to feel altogether as if I were now non-smoker for real. In any event, I did quit smoking totally spontaneously and effortlessly - without any withdrawal symptoms. I don't know now, who should I thank more - you and your CDs or the power of my subconscious mind.

God Bless you,

Victor S. (U.S.)

Financial Turnabout - Clearing Debt with a little bit of Mind Magic

Hi Dr. Laura,

Thank you for your email again. I think everything will work out fine. I was supposed to pay above $3,000 for the summer school fee. I failed the course that I needed for transferring to another program. That credit is not needed for the program I am taking. Today, the university told me that I won't have to spend a cent for the summer. Payment is removed now and the next deadline to clear up my tuition is in mid-September. The register office said that the amount I had to pay was a mistake and I will not be charged for this summer. I checked on student account and it is officially removed.

Anyway, the situation has changed strangely. I got free knowledge from the class I took. Also, I received another US$51.86 out of blue. A US company owed me money and I never knew such thing.

I fell asleep listening to "gratitude" supraliminal recording. I was thanking everyone in my dream and I was so happy. I guess the message from the recording went deeply into my subconscious mind.

I have been reading your newsletters and using suggestions and I just wanted to tell you how astonished I am right now. I received an email from my parents that they put money into my account out of the blue and said to me "I hope this is enough for you, please use it whenever you have problems with money."

Not only that, but another company for which I used to do some work, told me they owed me over $100 and said they mailed it to me last week.

K.J. (Canada)

Magnificent Prayer

Beautiful Soul Laura,

I just downloaded the prayer recording and listened to it. Heavens ... let me congratulate you Laura - I LOVE it!!! I always wanted a spiritual tape that would bring my Heart in harmony with God's. Your recording has done this and more. I feel ***LIVE ELECTRICITY*** running through my whole body as I listen to your recording.

Thank you again Laura. I feel DRUNK in the LOVE of God as I listen to this recording again and again.

With Gratitude and Love,

S.K. (India)

Whole New Inner Space Opened

I received the CD's. They are wonderful! They're clear, your voice is soothing but confident, and the background sound seems to do it's magic. It's as if a whole new inner space ha been opened up for exploration.

Thanks very much.

G.S. (USA)

The Power of Love and Your Subconscious Mind

I get a pleasure from reading all of your newsletters, but this one was especially Gold.

Thank you very much.

S.B. (USA)

Win at Bingo

To: Laura De Giorgio,

Thanks you so much for the supraliminal and supraliminal plus CD's on "Win at Bingo".It actually works.Last Wednesday, November 23, I won $250.00 at bingo and just tonight, Monday, November 28, I won $200.00.I play your CD everyday.I play the
supraliminal CD just before going to the bingo hall and it does work.

Many thanks again,

Gilbert (USA)

Two Worldviews

I have received your newsletter today entitled "Two Worldviews" and I felt compelled to write you. This piece of writing lifted me like nothing I have read since six years ago when I first picked up the first installment of "Conversations with God". It was so refreshing to once again read something which validated my thoughts on what we humans are capable of achieving within this current material realm. Thank you for this gift.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much is that I have been a little discouraged recently by what I perceive to be limiting beliefs written in the works of other authors and spiritual teachers. I believe that deep down the fact remains that the only truth that one should follow is the truth that resonates within one's own heart. However, I still find I get "pangs of doubt" when a spiritual teacher or author that I greatly admire dismisses the concept of "magic" taking place within this world (I am using the term "magic" to basically describe the manifestation of thoughts and desires into material form).

Two examples of this occurred in the writing of Dan Millman and Bill Harris. i would just like to first say that these are two people I greatly admire and in mentioning them in this letter that I am in no way trying to diminish their invaluable teachings.

I read an interview online with Dan Millman and in it the interviewer posed the question of whether his character Socrates was based on a real person. He said that it was but that the real Socrates never did the supernatural feats that were included in the book. When the interviewer then made a comment that this might disappoint a lot of readers, Dan responded with something along the lines of "people would only be disappointed because so many of them are so desperate to believe that magic exists in this world!.

Likewise, Bill Harris (whose Centerpointe program I have been doing for the past 8 months) voiced the same sort of feelings when he responded to a person's query about supernatural feats performed by eastern gurus. his response was along the lines of "in my thirty years of spiritual seeking I have never witnessed a single instance of what could be called a supernatural feat". He then went on to say that these feats were probably only stories old by followers of these gurus in order to make their guru look superior to another's. He makes the point that manifesting your desires is not the result of "magic" but the stripping away of non-resourceful thinking patterns that limit our ability to recognize the opportunities in life that bring our desires to fruition. This is very true, but nevertheless, he still appears to be discounting a whole level of what quantum physicists have come to realize - that matter is capable of "phasing" in and out of existence within this realm (my definition of magic in this case).

My point in mentioning these people is that it can be a little frustrating to me when they all write about an infinitely intelligent energy that is self-aware and encompasses everything in this universe, and then in the next breath they seem to dismiss certain phenomenon that should not be outside the realm of their definition of Life, God, Infinite Intelligence, etc. I think my disappointment has to do with my own yearning to experience my full potential. I would like to think that omniscience, omnipresence etc is something that is real and is something that can be attained within this lifetime, but it's disheartening to think that Bill has gone through all the work that he has gone through and yet even he does not acknowledge that these things could exist.

I've read that in order to realize these "powers", you first have to give up your desire to obtain them since your desire actually pushes them away from you. I have also heard that these powers can also be a sort of trap in that they tend to hold your attention in the material world and subsequently stymie your growth to other greater levels of consciousness. Maybe Bill and others who discount these phenomena are actually doing so in order so that people will give up their fixation on them and in the end realize them! Or maybe it is just a case that their limiting beliefs about them have manifested in their lives as an inability to having witnessed them in others?

This turned out to be a very long thank you letter, but I appreciate your time in reading it. Thanks again for everything you do. Your service is invaluable.


B.F. (USA)

Forgiveness and Healing of A Childhood Trauma

I am overwhelmed that you would take so much of your valuable time to type such an in depth response to my queries.

I spent over a year seeing a psychiatrist weekly at $100 per hour and didn't get as much from it as I did from your last email. How can I express my gratitude?

K.V. (USA)

Gratitude mp3

Thank you, Doctor Laura!

I appreciate your fast reply. Another thing, your free 'Gratitude' mp3 helped me so much. I'm grateful that I stumbled upon it.

Thank your for your work,

With gratitude,

I.J.J. (China)  

Feeling Better

Hello Laura,

Thank you so much for your kindness. I'm enjoying the download. It's just been 2 days, I'm already feeling really good about myself. Boy, I really love your work. You are a light of the world. Words can't describe my appreciation of you.

N.S. (USA)

Wow, wow, wow!

Dear Laura,

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! I just received my first newsletter from you. Again, Wow!!! How absolutely amazing!!! (I am not sure exactly how I came to hear about you, I somehow seem to think that it might have been from a hypnotherapist from Australia.) However I came to you I thank God big time!!!.... I am so impressed with your work, most especially your section on kids!!!, your website, your newsletter, the absolutely phenomenal amount of FREE downloads!!! You must be an incredibly successful person, because you sure have "gotten it"!!! Giving must be your middle name!!!

I have been "studying" the mind power, hypnosis, etc. etc. for absolutely eons!!! and for some reason have just not been able to apply all I have learnt read, etc. to myself. However, that all stops RIGHT NOW!!! For some reason, your work "talks" to me!!!
Your knowledge is phenomenal!!! Thank you for putting it out there!!!

Much Love, Light, Laughter and Many, Many Rainbows in your Day!!!

V.S. (USA)


Dr. Laura De Giorgio,

I really enjoyed the first two CD's on Levitation. Really well done. I look forward to these next ones. Thank you very much.

Blessed Be,

R.E. (USA)

Spanish CDs

Muchas gracias.

Hace 2 dias recibi las grabaciones. Estan excelentes.
Proximamente les pedire algunas mas.

B.L. (USA)

Grow Taller Program

Once again, thanks for creating a wonderful [Growing Taller] program.-

J. K. (U.S.)

Breast Enlargement

Before trying your tapes for Breast Enlargement, I was using some herbal capsules.And they worked, to a point.Unfortunately, there was a side-effect - it seemed that for every inch I grew my bust, I gained 5 pounds.And if I stopped taking the supplements, my bust shrunk, too.Now, I've solved the problem with hypnosis.My bust increased two cup sizes, and my waist is back to normal.

Thank you. -

E. G. (U.S.)

Conscious and Unconscious Motivations - newsletter article


I just wanted to thank you for this newsletter. I'm not sure what else to add other then thanks for your time, and your thoughts.

Long days and pleasant nights,

Jorge (USA)

We are the Same by Mia

Here´s a poem I wrote after reading one of your newsletter emails...

We are the same.
Can´t you see
That I am you
And you are me?

I am the mountains.
I am the sky.
I am you.
I am I.

Love unites us all as one
And sets us entirely free.
I don´t believe in complete

Each of us is a unique ell,
All made essentially the same,
In one body called Universe.
Love has manifested a game.

Glance at the stars in the heavens.
Notice the faint speckles on the ground.
If you want to see the face of yourself
Open your eyes, just look around.

Recognize radiant white beams of sunlight,
Song on the radio resonates with your soul.
Everything interconnected together.
Just consider this divine cosmos as whole.

- Mia (USA)

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