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Success Stories, and Letters related to different areas of
Hypnosis, Mind Power and Spiritual Growth

From people just like you, who have been using Deep Trance Now programs and reading Deep Trance Now Hypnosis newsletters. The main purpose of these letters is to inspire you, to motivate you and to open your mind to greater possibilities.

Winning at Bingo

Dear Dr. Laura De Giorgio,

I have the thank you again for the "WIN AT BINGO" supralimanal and supraliminal plus CD's.I just won another $200.00 at bingo today bringing my bingo winnings to $650.00 since playing your CD's.I more than got my return on investment.

Thanks again,
Gilbert (USA)

Spiritual Alchemy - Illumination

I downloaded the Illumination hypnosis mp3 today in the (Deep Trance Now newsletter subscriber) members area. Wow, I have never experienced the feelings in my body like that ever!I have been doing hypnosis cd's for years.That was weird but very cool! Thanks!


Free MP3 Downloads

Thank you very much for your kinds support. I am really changing my life with your MP3 free downloads.

May God bless you abundantly.

Maria (USA)

Influence Free

I've been listening to your free download MP3's for about 2 months now along with Paul McKenna's freebee file and some pure theta wave binaural beat "white noise".I've been experiencing a resurgence of my genuine self and quite an empowered version at that.I must tell you that the most impactful file of all has been the "Influence Free" MP3.Gratitude, Love, Inner Peace, Forgiveness and the others are wonderful and I can feel their affects. However, the Influence Free has helped me to recognize and stand in my own light instead the massive codependant entanglements and projections I had allowed.This in turn has helped all of the other files.Your work feels magical and I greatly appreciate it! I will be signing on as an affiliate very soon. Thank You Again

Tony H. (USA)

Eyesight Improvement

Laura, thank you so much!

I just happened to have ordered the New History Generator, and I will look again closely at your other suggestions. Since no medical doctor or alternative healer has helped me with my vision problems, the immediate results I got with the Eyesight CD were amazing to me. I now have a basis for trusting my body.

All the best to you,

Janet (USA)

Stop Smoking

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The first 72 hours of quitting smoking can be the hardest and the most difficult time not to give up and give in and have “just one more puff.” Yesterday I was a nervous, irritable, restless and hyper wreck. Your recordings are absolutely awe-inspiring, as they assisted me to not only achieve instant serenity and balance, but eliminated the cravings for hours. I didn’t think this could be possible because I was so wrapped up in the physical withdrawal pain of my addiction that I couldn’t see my way beyond a minute or so.

I’ve always been a believer that my thought manifests my reality, but when you’re in the midst of physical withdrawal, it’s terribly difficult to concentrate on much of anything. My conscious brain was really muddled up. That’s why using the recordings are so wonderful! They enable me to “forget” about my symptoms and reconnect with the vital life energy inside of me, the deeper subconscious that needs to be healed. Once that message was received, my physical withdrawal symptoms disappeared. And that was hours ago! During the supraliminal, my mind wandered back to a time where I was really happy, and then I went further back and further still, and to my amazement, I was able to actually “be” in the time and place that needed to be healed and discovered some of the underlying issues beneath all of my addictive compulsions. My first clue was a big knot in my chest at the beginning of the recording – a ball of fear about giving up the addiction. Crazy? Not really. It’s been with me so long, I simply didn’t know how to cope without it. Identifying that fear and then working through it was very helpful allowing me to open up and be more able to receive the positive messages on the recording. I also know that when my will weakens I can listen to the messages again and receive the same (or even better) results. What a gift.

Did I mention that my withdrawal symptoms have disappeared for almost close to 12 hours, now? After only quitting a day or so ago? Do you have any idea how amazing this is? I’m in awe.

Thank you for the wonderful product. I really enjoy listening to your voice.
Thank you for being so prompt with my order – I was pretty edgy and the recordings arrived at the exact right time.

And lastly, thanks for the cool id’s and passwords. Such positive, radiant energy!

Keep up the good work,

Shannon (USA)


Dear Laura,

Thank you very much for your cds. I have been ill for nearly five months with what started as glandular fever and developed into chronic fatigue syndrome. With a clue off a new therapy called reverse therapy aided by your cds and good old chinese medicine I am making great progress and have surprised my dour chinese doctor who says I will be ok now. I have had this disorder for a long time never knowing quite what was wrong with me.

Thanks again, I am surprised how powerful your CDs are and anyone who says
subliminal/supraliminal CDs don't work hasn't listened to your creations,

G.B. (Australia)


Hi Laura,

For some reason it all came together for me in your most recent newsletter. Well done! Thank you.



Dispelling Depression

Respected Dr Laura,

I really wanted to write to you and thank you for your work which has helped me lot.

I have been primarily using your Dispel Depression hypnosis. For last eleven years I have been suffering from mild chronic depression - there are no noticeable symptoms but also difficult to treat. I must say now that I never felt better for years !!

Thanking you,

Rishikesh (India)

Spanish CDs

Estimada Laura,

Quiero agradecerle inmensamente las grabaciones que me ha obsequiado, las
estoy oyendo todos los días y siento que me han hecho mucho bien

En el momento quetengael dinero para comprar las grabaciones que
necesito lo haré.Son maravillosas y estoy segura que me van a ayudar a
solucionarmis carencias.

Que Dios la bendiga y bendiga su trabajo, ya que ayuda a tantas personas que
como yo estamos necesitada. Que Jesús multiplique sus bienes como multiplicó
los peces y los panes en el desierto y que siempre la acompañe.

I.G. (USA)

French CDs

Dear Laura,

Je vous souhaite les meilleures voeux, à vous et à tout ce qui tourne autour de vous, de connu et d'inconnu, et ceci jusqu'à l'infini.

P.H. (Switzerland)

Appreciation from Another Hypnotherapist

Dear Laura,

I have now received the two CD's you sent me, last weekend. I have been using them ever since.

As a CHT myself, I really appreciate how you have mastered hypnotic technique combined with your heart-felt compassion and amazing talent.

I'm curious who have you studied with? I myself learnt both hypnotherapy and NLP in that epicenter of the latter, namely Santa Cruz, and I've also worked with the Andreas' of NLP Comprehensive. And of course, I am living in the same town as Richard Bandler.

Thank you so much for your work. By the way, did you see the Wall Street Journal article on hypnosis. no nearly as advanced as your work, never-the-less, a good starting point.

Love, greetings, and God-Spirit bless,

C.R. (USA)


Hello Dr. Laura,

I've been playing roulette for several years before I got your CDs for Roulette. Thank you for those extra techniques I didn't know about. I've been experimenting with them and to make the story short - I have been leaving the casino with more money in my pocket than before. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Much love,

B.K. (U.K.)

Stopping Hair Growth

Hi Laura,

I emailed you a while back about how to make hair stop growing. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that it's working!

M.S. (USA)

Mastering Levitation

Hi Dr. Laura De Giorgio,

I got my Mastering Levitation CD set and I consider them a treasure.

I have to laugh ... In my dream state I am floating around with ease. I drifted up to the top of a tall tree and there was a solid place to stand and enjoy God's view. Another venture I floated up to a bird and gave him a hug. This morning (dream) I floated around the house while others were sleeping and I recall details of carefully quietly opening the doors so as not to wake up anyone. It is refreshing for me to have your voice on the CD's. I don't recall what tapes I had, but they are usually a man's voice (years ago). Your accent is beautiful and I am lifted every time your CD's guide me through the teachings. Like Wayne dyer says ... "We are a chunk of God". We are not separate from God and I believe we are Spirit. The only thing limiting us humans are our own thoughts and the negative programming that pretty much start as soon as we are born.

Thank you Dr. Laura. You're like an Angel to me. I don't know of any material outside of yours at that is open minded enough to promote growth in the "spiritual gold mines".

J.B. (USA)

Customized CDs in Spanish

Dear Dr. De Giorgio,

I have received the CDs. Thank you very much for your excellent work.

D.K. (Mexico)

Wonderful and Inspiring Newsletters

Dear Dr. De Giorgio,

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you provide such wonderful and inspiring newsletters. They are all so very well-written and have so much to offer, even for the most skeptical. I have benefited in countless ways from your audio tapes. I have been using them for a year and a half now) and look forward to visiting your website for a long time to come.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for imparting your wisdom and teaching me the power of my subconscious mind. No anti-depressant, no self-help book, no therapist has helped me the way your writings and tapes have.

Thank you.

S.P. (USA)

Soothing Voice

I just wanted to tell you that I've purchased many audio hypnosis CDs from different people, and I really like yours. I have a hard time if someone's voice isn't pleasing, and your voice is very soothing, almost erotic. Your site is good too, keep up the good work.

K.K. (USA)

Inner Joy

Dear Dr. Laura De Giorgio,

I have been listening to your samples for a month or so, especially the happiness one, and have found a big difference in my inner life - a more continuous and persistent inner joy permeates my life more often now. I thank you for this gift that you offer so generously to all who would come to your doors.

when I read your Creating Financial Abundance newsletter, I found it insightful, supportive and feeling. I felt I could breathe in a way that I never have before.

Thank you.

B.C. (Canada)

Constant Presence

I can't wait to get these new CDs I have ordered. I have to tell you that your voice and your CDs are a constant presence in my family. All of us - my husband, my two children and I - have your CDs playing all day long. We wake up with them and we go to sleep with them. My children love your Accelerated Learning and Happiness CDs, my husband is listening mostly to Successful Stock Trading CDs (they seem to be working for him), and I am listening to Weight Loss CDs. They also seem to be working - I've lost 10 pounds so far. Thank you so much for your work.

C.K. (USA)


I just received the Grow taller program. I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to find that for the backround music on the subliminal and supraliminal tracks you had chosen Pachelbel Cannon which is a favorite piece of music for me. This music has special meaning for me so I just had to write and tell you what a wonderful and brilliant choice this is!

G.P. (USA)

Prophetic Dreaming

Dr. Laura,

I thank you for your comments. Your CD's have been the best I have found in many years. When I was younger, I made a "quantum leap" in one area of my life using self-hypnosis. Until your work, I have never been able to generate any similar results.

I received instantaneous results from your Prophetic Dreaming. I am still working on abundance and the New History Generator. Keep up the good work!

Thank you.

K.H. (Canada)

About Inner Power

Dr. Laura,

Your words show great wisdom and I thank you for your kindness and time to help me. It's like a huge knot that has been in my chest is starting to unravel. It is a beautiful thing to have someone reach out and I thank you. I will hold these words close to me.

Much love,

M.T. (USA)

Changing Personal History

Just under 4 years ago you sent me the Changing Personal History document. I just now read through it once. I learned that being a Master doesn't mean I am done. It is a new beginning. An exciting, tingly new beginning that I desire to achieve in this lifetime. Can hardly wait sometimes :-) Thanks for sending it to me! Love and light to you :-) A. S.

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