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Success Stories, and Letters related to different areas of
Hypnosis, Mind Power and Spiritual Growth

From people just like you, who have been using Deep Trance Now programs and reading Deep Trance Now Hypnosis newsletters. The main purpose of these letters is to inspire you, to motivate you and to open your mind to greater possibilities.

Breaking Free From Limitations

Dear Dr. Laura, Since I purchased your CD's, I have changed so much. I am a completely different person than I was just a few short weeks ago. In fact, at the time that I bought the CD's my 6-year relationship with my fiancé was in ruins (he was even talking "separation"), and I felt so terrible about myself I was nearly suicidal. I felt like nothing was working for me, I was sick of struggling and I thought I might as well just give up. I was tired of trying. Since then, my whole life is better! Our relationship is better than ever, I have a bright, excited outlook on life, and amazing people have come into my life and are bringing me incredible opportunities to make my dreams come true! It's like a fantasy. I have been planning a P. Surgery Recovery Spa here in the Dominican Republic where I live. This has been my obsession for the past 2 and 1/2 years. But my fears and insecurities, lack of faith and lack of money were blocking me from reaching my goal. I let go of all of those obstacles after listening to your free MP3 "Removing Limiting Beliefs" religiously for a few days. That's what convinced me to buy more CD's. Since then, a person I had never met has come out of the blue with a gorgeous 8-bedroom mansion with a hot tub and swimming pool and offered it to me for my business ... furnished with hospital beds and the works! It is more than I ever dared to hope for!

J.R. (Dominican Republic)

Breaking Free From Limitations

Some time ago I received from you a supraliminal MP3 Be Free of Limitations I'm listening it regularly for 2 months and I think it works good. What I notice is that I feel more action-oriented, better organized. I feel more optimistic. Thank you.

P.W. (Poland)

Winning the Lottery

Guess what, your " WINNING THE LOTTERY" CD is for real. I used the technique to get winning numbers to help me pick a desired card out of 6 cards, and I picked it correctly 3 times in a row!

D.C. (U.S.)

Breaking Free From Limitations

Dear Laura, Hope you are well and happy. I have been listening to the be free supraliminal and I am in the sixth week. During this time frame I have found myself repainting the bedroom and making changes to the house I had been putting off. We have got rid off lots of stuff we didn't need, and are a lot happier with our living arrangements!

L.F. (U.S.)

Quit Smoking

That's it. I quit. It's been three months now and I haven't touched another cigarette. You were absolutely right - nothing happens without a decision to change. I had to quit. I couldn't breathe. I was choking and coughing and then I said - "That's enough. No more." Then I was ready to work with your Stop Smoking CDs and they helped to keep me focused on my goal and to go through those first few weeks of temptation. Now, I'm relieved and proud to say - I've kicked the habit! Thank you for your help.

Joseph B. (U.S.)

Superior Recordings

Thanks so much, Laura! I really appreciate your thorough and comprehensive advice. I've started listening to the recordings and I am enjoying them immensely. They are vastly superior to other hypnosis programs I have purchased in the past. I will be happy to provide you with further testimonials as I move forward in this process. Thanks again.

All my best, Liz :-)

Grow Taller, Self Esteem, Inner Power

Dear Laura,

This is David from the Grow Taller Program. I just want to tell you that I have received the Self-Esteem and Inner Power CDs with the brainwave synchronization, and I must say that it makes such a difference! I was surprised myself as I hadn't expected it to have such an impact on the sessions. I feel totally different now when I listen to these CDs - much more relaxed and peaceful. And it sounds cooler, too. :-)


D.K. (Israel)

Enjoying CDs

Dr. Giorgio, Thank you so much for your shipment of my CDs. I really appreciate it. I have enjoyed the CDs so far that I have received from you. You are a very powerful hypnotherapist. Thank so much for sharing your expertise with humanity.


C.R. (U.S.)

New History Generator

Dear Laura, I have now received the two CD's you sent me, last weekend, and I have been using them consistently since. As a CHT [Clinical Hypnotherapist] myself, I really appreciate just how you have mastered hypnotic technique combined with your heart-felt compassion and amazing talent.

Love, greetings and God-Spirit bless,

C.R. (U.S.)

Mind Power and Influence

I just wanted to share with you what happened to me today. You already know how stressed I've been because my parents insisted that at my age I should be married by now. They were driving me crazy. Today we were going to have as guests few young women my age, so I used all the mind-power I knew how before these guests arrived, to have these women support my goals and help me to convince my parents that it's OK to be my age and not married. And guess what, it turned out not only that these women are not married, but also that they know many other women who are even older and not married, nor are they considering getting married any time soon, and my parents are going to have the pleasure of meeting all of them soon. I guess this mind-stuff really works. I'm so excited and relieved at the same time.

B. M. (U.S.)

Conscious and Unconscious Motivations - newletter article

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your top quality information and inspiration... When I read your Unconcious Vs Conscious motivations article today it got me back on track and motivated again - Thank you!

Warmest regards,

Emily (USA)

Grow Taller

Hi Laura. I continue to use your (Grow Taller) program and have gained nearly 3 inches in height. As you know I have been using this program for a year and have had ups and downs. I have found that when I really engage in the program I can feel the benefits. Due to exam stress I have felt down and tired so I only listened to the tapes half-heartedly. However, I now know that it is working me and that I am growing taller.

As I sit here I can feel satisfying growing pains in my shins and am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us. I would like others to know that I have taken a while to get to grips with the tape, but with persistence you will see an increase an I now know that my height increase won't occur overnight, but it is happening. I continue to grow tall and will gain my next 4 inches and will keep you updated.


T.A. (England)


That LOVE subliminal recording is absolutely amazing. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels deeply grateful that you're offering it as a free download. Keep up the good work!

V. H. (Canada)

Money All Around

I just wanted to tell you I had a very interesting day. I walked into a corner store and bought one of those instant $5 tickets and won $500. Then I found $15 on the street. The day started nicely, so I decided to go play at slot machines at a nearby casino. I started with $20, and got out $80. I cashed it out because I like the sound of the coins coming out. I put in $20, and go out $50, then another $50, then $80 again - at which point I decided I had enough fun for the day. My deepest gratitude for all those money, lottery and slot machine CDs - they certainly work!

V. G. (Canada)


My younger brother experimented with your basic invisibility techniques at school and was very excited with the effects he managed to create. He asked me to tell you that he loves your CD.

D.D. (Israel)

About Deep Trance Now Newsletter Articles

Excellent Newsletter Dr. Laura! Very informative! Thank you very much for it. I'm really glad that I subscribed to it.

I also listened to the samples. I'm talking about the hypnosis, threshold, subliminal and hypnoses to subliminal. This gives me a crystal clear picture of how this is done. Also, after listening to the hypnosis sample, I must say that you have a great voice.

I am looking forward to your next newsletter.

Best wishes,

B.C. (U.S.)

Belief Change Hypnosis

Hi Laura,

I finished downloading the files, and re-checked to make sure I’ve got all of them.

I really like Belief Change Hypnosis and Free from External Influences Supraliminal Plus. Wow! What a relief.

Thanks for your good work,

D.D. (USA)

What an Awesome (Newsletter) Article

It expands on what I was told by my Grammy: Every thought is a prayer, so be careful what you wish for, because God answers prayers. It's true. He does. I am living, breathing proof.

I am in recovery from alcoholism, drug and sex addiction for 23 years. In spite of having had sex and shared needles with the dregs of the Earth, I have not got one single disease. I've been tested every six months for the first 10 years of recovery, just to make sure. I'm clean as a whistle, praise the Living Lamb!

I am presently studying to be a certified hypnotherapist and a pilot. It is so much FUN having my life back!

Keep up the great works; you can and are changing lives.

Love and light,

E.K. (USA)


Hi Laura,

I wanted to thank you for all of your free subliminal downloads. I've been listening to that "happiness" recording and it truly did make me feel more cheerful instantly.

M.D. (U.S.)

Spirit Releasement

Dr. Laura,

I am enjoying these tapes immensely. Using this Spirit releasement program the other night was fabulous. Turned myself into a miniature white-light sun and the effect was invigorating beyond belief. Don't know if I sent any attachments fleeing or not, but I came out of that feeling so just plain GOOD that it seemed like I could rush out and punch Arnold Schwartzenegger in the nose and get away with it! Tremendous sensation of vital power.

Also: finding this download [an ebook that comes with the Spirit Releasement Program] on spirit possession and attachment fascinating. This is a BIG manuscript!! But it has a lot of very interesting concepts and material in it.

Keep up the good work.

B. H. (U.S.)

Babaji Presentation

Thanks for the slideshow, Laura!
I just found myself crying all the way through it... so touching.
My heart has felt very tender here lately anyway, and I am happy to fill it with such wonderful images and music!!
You are a gem!!
Love and blessings,
Marge (USA)

Grow Taller

Hi Dr. De Giorgio,

I would like to thank you for my extra 2 inches of height. Sadly thought, I sold myself short by stopping the program six months ago. Even though I was making progress, I ended up burning myself out on it like you warned us about. I know that if I retry it again, I'll make considerable more progress than before and next time I won't be so involved like I was the first time. This whole time off from the program I've been using many of the new ideas I learned from the process in my everyday life. -

R. H. (U.S.)

Thanks for Newsletters

Dear Laura De Giorgio,

First of all, a heartful of thanks for all the knowledge you are sharing with all the subscribers.

I have been an active reader and seeker of truth, but I must admit, of all the newsletters I read, yours are of the highest value and speaking straight to the heart. I applaud you for such a commendable work .

Dear Laura, wishing you all the happiness and blessings of God, though I know you have those.

Take care and once again, a sincere thanks.

A.B. (India)


I've been listening to and working with your Psychokinesis CD. First, I'd want to say that I like it a lot. No, I haven't been moving any furniture with my mind - I've been experimenting with smaller things and it all works wonderfully. I'll be gradually moving on to more challenging things, just as you suggested. I also appreciate your suggestion about "silence" and I fully agree that there is greater power to be harnessed through silence, inner focus and then, perhaps most important of all - letting go and letting the effect take place.

S. J. (U.S.)

Create Money

My husband has been listening to your Create Money CDs and he's been getting so deeply into it that at first I thought he was falling asleep, but as soon as the recording was over, he'd be fully awake. Not only is he thoroughly enjoying listening to the recordings (and so am I, by the way), but it seems that some profound shifts are happening. We may just be going on vacation, soon.

M.S. (U.S.)

Light on the Horizon

Dear Laura,

I can across your website a few months ago. To be quite honest, there was initially something about the site that did not resonate with me but I can't quite put my finger on what this is. However, I keep drifting back every now and again - it beckons me!

Today I received your newsletter and had a "light bulb" kind of a moment. You write in such a refreshingly clear and descriptive manner, with no pretensions that it packed not only a lot of punch, but it stripped away all the clouds of confusion and misunderstanding and helped me to remember once again what the light is and how it feels. The light disappeared from my life about 2 years ago in a traumatic consciousness altered state event, and this one article for me personally, was far more effective than a thousand ancient esoteric texts every have been over the years.

Now, there is a chink of light on the horizon, where before there was only dark and confusion.

Thank you very much. Warmest regards,

J.T. (USA)

Grow Taller

The Grow Taller course pays by itself. Let me thank you for the bonuses - they ARE THE BEST SELECTION OUT THERE, not just for growing taller, for everything. I feel I´m growing as a person now.

R.G. (U.S.)


I have been working with your Shapeshifting CD, and while I haven't changed much in a physical sense, the changes I created inwardly, on an energy level, certainly did create some interesting effects on people around me. More than anything else, I find these skills both practical and fun. I am becoming more and more aware of many different places and situations where I can use them.

L. J. (U.S.

Real Relief

Hi Dr. De Giorgio, I can't say enough about the quality and magic of your hypnosis and subliminal programs. I am getting some real relief and substantial change in this area for the first time in a long while and I've tried many things! Thank You!

R.H. (U.S.)

Advice and Ideas

Thanks so much for the advice. After reading your reply, I have some ideas how to approach my son's learning problems differently. Thank you!!!!

Have a great da


P.S. I can almost guarantee I will be a repeat customer. Your free demos are excellent, your prices are reasonable, and I get the distinct impression that your not in this for the money, but really want to help people!

S.B. (U.S.)

Deep Trance Now Newsletter

Laura, [Re: Deep Trance Now Newsletter - Doing the Impossible Article]

Phenomenally inspiring, thanks so much. My hope is that many people who read this really READ it, to get the full significance of the many, many good points you have made. I almost read it too quickly, taking it for the other newsletters I get that say the same boring thing about goal steps. Your message about 1. Spirit filling in the blanks when you've done all you've can, 2. Doing what really *WANT* and sticking to that, 3. Not worrying about the HOW, 4. " FEELing the FIRE of your desire", and so many more great, great points.

Take care,

Steve (U.S.)

Power Process for Height Increase

Thank you for providing new subliminal messages. Also thank you for the Power Process for Height Increase. It's a great CD.

Kind regards,

T. J.

Grow Taller with Hypnosis

In about 2 months of consistent Grow Taller with Hypnosis during the past year, I grew approximately 3/4 of an inch Actually, there was a lot more work going on. I think most people come to the program hoping that they can just listen to a few CDs few times a day and grow, when it is actually a whole development process of mind and body. In the next 6 months or so I plan to consistently get it to work more consistently until I have grown 4 to 6 inches.

One thing I encountered that you may or may not have considered is that I had some resistance to growing because my body is not symmetrically balanced, i.e. my musculo-skeletal structure is asymmetrical. I am now going to chiropractor to straighten my body out. A correctly aligned body will be able to grow symmetrically with less adjustments to the muscle structure, and much more quickly I am convinced.

Your program is very thorough. You know your stuff, and it's not ivory tower theory, it's well integrated and practical. I was already very good with NLP and EFT, and learning more about the superconscious has opened up a new set of frontiers for me to explore. Thank you very much. Your program is comprehensive and well-integrated. I think a great many people believe the mind-body connection, but can't fathom HOW. Your program definitely provides the how. The body really IS in the mind. - J. L. (U.S.)


My compliments on a job well done.You have been blessed with many gifts.  
I wish you great success! -

M. T. (U.S.)

Recommended Reading

Hi Dr Laura! I have been reading some of the books you have recommend and all of them were super great and now I want more to read. Can you write me a list of all great books you've read? I would be very pleased.


Pete (U.S.)

Fantastic Hypnosis CDs

Your cds are fantastic. The only reason I don't order more right now is I want to really focus on the one I have now. Your voice is so pleasant and soothing and the entire production and your website open up a universe of possibilities.

R.H. (U.S.)

Detailed Replies

Many thanks for the detailed replies.I must admit when I first purchased the tape I was a bit skeptical but the help and support you give convinces me that it will work.Keep up the good work! -

L. L. (U.S.)

Grow Taller

I have managed to grow two inches taller (was 4ft 9" now 4ft 11"!!!) and have managed to stay at that height. I would like to grow at least a couple of inches taller, but I am very happy with the progress I have made! I think once pass 5ft I will be extremely happy. Thank you for all your support Laura. I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't had all that advice from you.

A. S. (Australia)

Grow Taller

Just wanted to thank you again. You are sharing so much information. I can't believe how much extra stuff is in the [Grow Taller] bonus material!


B. B. (from China)

Calm Feeling

I have just received the tape and already played it back once in the morning.It's lunch-time here and I still got that calm feeling generated by the tape - nice side effects! -

L.S. (U.S.)

Support through email

I just want to say that your answers to my questions have been extremely informative and very helpful.You come across as someone who is deeply passionate about their work and genuinely want people to succeed.-

L.L. (U.S.)

Grow Taller

I have been working with Grow Taller Program for 10 months now and have gained 5 inches and will continue working until I gain few more inches. I would also like to mention that I consider myself to be a good Christian and that I believe that my faith in God has helped me a great deal to experience the results. After all, I do believe that with God all things are possible. -

H. H. (U.S.)

Grow Taller

Just to let you know that I have experienced results. I have grown from 5' 7.5" to 5' 8.5". I will keep you updated on my progress. Thank you for all your help. -

K. K. (U.S.)

Grow Taller

I want to thank you on a job well done.I just received my growing taller tape and I believe that it will do the trick for me.I'm 17 and my mom is also an NLP Master Practitioner.At first I went to her for help with my growing problems, and she started to do some work with me, but due to schedule conflicts, we couldn't get together enough to really get the process anchored in.Thankfully, by chance I happened to find your product while searching for something else onYahoo.My mom reviewed your tape after I had listened to it a few times and she said you did an excellent job, and that you are really good at what you do. -

R. H. (U.S.)

Breast Enlargement

Hi, I've been using your Breast Enlargement self-hypnosis tape for about 3 months and my breasts grew from 32 inches to 36 inches. They are fuller and firmer, too.My husband is thrilled as much as I am.Thank you. -

S. M. (U.S.)

Simple NLP technique helped him to Pass the Test

For the life of me I couldn't add and multiply those numbers in my head and I was convinced that I'm never gonna pass the test.Then in half-an-hour you changed my life - and it didn't even feel like hypnosis. Incredible!Without you I would not have made it.Thanks a million! -

P. M. (Canada)

The Best Hypnosis Website

Hello, I found your web site through the Yahoo ! " Depression-si-Suicide " group links. Thought I would let you know that it is the best Hypnosis web site I've seen! My interest in the life-tool of Hypnosis ( and Magick ) has grown immeasurably recently, and I am beginning to understand its true benefits to humankind. Anyway, liked the design, the magickal theme, and your very sexy voice ! Blessed be,

Ian the Brit